I’m up early on this Sunday morning for good reason, (I go to church Sat evenings)  Though I start with a fresh brew of  java and the paper… now that I’m up, I can’t WAIT to pick up my guitar as I’m working on some cool arpeggio stuff these days. That’s one neat thing about the guitar – there’s always another challenge, another song to learn, another style to master, another technique to try… A long time ago, a teacher from school told me: “The more you know, the more you know there’s more to know”

So, I think that if you get passed the early initial learning point – and you’re good enough to string some chords
together smoothly into progressions, then you’re past the worst of it, and everything just becomes fun
after that…  Well, sure there are sticking points and ruts – we all have them… Which is why it’s always a good idea to pick up new information and things to practice and learn.

Ok, but now lets talk about one of the great controversies of LEAD guitar playing…I’m talking about FEEL vs. TECHNIQUE.  This is like an old time rivlary.    It’s as classic as Coke vs. Pepsi…Cowboys vs. Indians…  Less Filling vs. Tastes Great…Which one is more important, and which one should you be focused on more?

In reality, no conflict exists.  Both are important, and both help each other.
Personally, I think its better to play a few slower notes with good feel and phrasing, rather than being
able to play fast but with no emotion.

That’s why I  pretty much have always focused on what I call “Guitar Control” – which means playing with
feel, directly from the heart. Try hearing something in your head and then play it.
Now, that being said, technique is really important too because we’ll never get to the “Guitar God Zone” without it.
In fact, I even say that technique itself is 1/3  the recipe for guitar control.
Having chops also helps you develop more feel too because you’re just stumbling around less.

So get out there and practice…Have a super day, and I’ll catch you on the flip side.

~ by singinglesson on August 23, 2009.

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