Michael Munkascy

has a diverse background in the performing arts, music, and communication fields.   He is the co-owner and managing director of the Westerville Center for the Arts where he teaches guitar, voice, and drama.  He is a songwriter, member of ASCAP, and skilled as a director and educator.  He was a recipient of Billboard Song Contest awards in 1991 and 1993.  His song, “Stand Tall, America” was #1 on WNCI radio’s Top 10, and produced exclusively on video by WCMH-TV (NBC), Channel 4, during the Gulf War.  Recently rewritten to honor the heroes of September 11, “Stand Tall, America” was performed at the speaking engagement of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf in Columbus, Ohio, and at Columbus’ 2002 Red, White, and Boom.

Michael started his career as an actor and theater instructor, and doing publicity photos for the Ace Paper & Cardboard Co., a professional touring company of the former Columbus Stage Center.  He then toured as an entertainer singer/guitarist for three years throughout the Midwest and Florida under Hayden Management with the agency Kapson & Kates.  Michael returned to Columbus, expanding his work in music and children’s theater, creating original shows, workshops, and teaching classes.  He has been affiliated with a variety of Artist-in-the School programs.  Michael founded the Music Drama Factory, and has worked with the Ohio Arts Council AIE Program, Ohio Music Teachers Association, music camps, Columbus and Westerville Public Schools, SOAR, Worthington Ballet and Theater Guild, Westerville Parks and Recreation, Youth to Youth, Ohio Teen Institute, and Westerville Area Arts Commission.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing/Advertising from the University of Toledo and postgraduate studies in Communications at The Ohio State University. He is currently the co-host of  Theatre Caffette’s  Friday Nite Live!

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